OPR: Ron Burchell
Grid: QG63KF
Current Radio: YAESU FT- DX10
HF Antenna: GAP 20 Metre Mono.
6M / VHF / UHF Antenna: Diamond V 2000

A very Simple Station that seems to work well.

This website has been put together, by an Old Timer Amateur Radio operater as a resource for Amateur Radio Operators with the view to assist, entice, help, cajole them towards CW.
With the final goal of keeping the art of Morse Code alive for future generations that are not here yet!

Cheers Ron VK4JE
Licenced February 1986

First Call sign was VK2NEQ, then later that same year I passed the Intermediate Exam and moved on to VK2KBG and an Yaesu FT-980.

1994 - 2000 I became VNNV International Marine Mobile aboard A.Y. Sea-D whilst Sea-D circumnavigated the World.

Moved to Queensland in 2000 and my Call changed to VK4KBG.

I let my Licence expire for a number of years, then applied for a new licence in 2019 and was given the Call Sign VK4JE.

As you can see I have remained in-active for some years on the Amateur Air Waves.

I have completely rebuilt my Station with a Yaesu FP-1030 Power Supply, a Yaesu FT-DX10, a microHam Micro Keyer III, a remote MFJ-994BRT ATU and a GAP 20 Mono antenna and some new modern 'keys'.

Various software applications to take advantage of the capabilities of modern radio's.

Made a NYE resolution in 2021 to make 2022 the year I overcame the 'Fear' and 'Anguish' associated with CW and get the 'Grey Matter' moving again. Don't be mistaken it's one thing to make this statement and another to 'Pull it Off'.

Using FT8 and PSKReporter is a Quick and Simple way to check the propagation of your signal in 'Real Time'

Some Tips that may help!


I have found the most important character set to learn in Morse Code is your CALL SIGN:
How to send your call sign error free every time and how to recognise your call sign when it is sent to you.
I suggest starting with learning to SEND AND RECEIVE your Call Sign at 10, 15, 20wpm error free and the rest will follow.
Practice the above for 5 minutes 6 times a day and you will have your Call Sign mastered in a week!
Here is a demo of my Call Sign at 20wpm Character Speed...
Then move onto this...
When you decide to join one of the CWOps courses make sure you can send a group of 5 'V's perfectly as you we most probably be asked to do it on Day One.

Let me know if you need a hand getting started


Practice CW for at least 6 five minute periods every day, it does not matter whether it's Sending or Receiving or both, just practice


Force yourself to participate today, it's just too easy to say I will do it tomorrow.
Why not join the FISTS Down Under Weekly QSO Party
every Friday at 11:00UTC
3.515 - 3.535 MHz
7.015 - 7.035 MHz
14.015 - 14.035 MHz
More Details...


If you are struggling to overcome that gut wrenching fear that CW brings out in all of us, remember this saying ' It's only kinky the first time', DO NOT STOP, keep pushing forward you will definately reach the 'Fun Side'


Make up a couple of QSO Cheat Sheets, here are a couple of examples, they are good fallbacks if your nerves take control in the middle of a QSO:
Quick and Dirty QSO...
Calling CQ...


Seek out a compatible CW Buddy, this is not a particularly easy task due to the fact you have to weed out the right person from the 'WannaBe's'.
Take you time (but not too long) with this selection as it could well be that your CW Buddy becomes a friend for life.
I know that there are many offers for weekly, fortnightly and monthly CW Buddy sessions out there, however from my experience for real success you need to initially meet up with your CW Buddy for at least for 30 Minutes 4 times a week, if your Buddy and yourself can do more then do it as your progess will be accelerated.
When you and your Buddy have reached your prospective goals, then a hookup once a week will keep your 'fist' in.
Your CW Buddy does not have to live next door either, I am located in Queensland and my Buddy and now Mate is located in Victoria.
Feel free to use the QSO Net instant messaging system to discuss things with your CW Buddy off Air. By way of example say your agreed Frequency is being used by someone else, just message your Buddy 'Harry Freq busy let's go to 14.036 it's free', you do have to register, but that is only to keep the scammers and time wasters at bay.

Please drop me a line if you would like to be a CW Buddy

You can find my eMail address on QRZ